MIST 2017 Seminar Series
(December 15, 2017)

Venue:Rm502a, 5/F, Academic Building No. 1, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Date:December 15th, 2017

Time:10:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Speaker:Wai Kit YEUNG (Indiana University, USA)

Title:Perverse sheaves and knot contact homology


In this talk, I will present a universal construction, called homotopy braid closure, that produces invariants of links in R^3 starting with a braid group action on objects of a (model) category. Applying this construction to the natural action of the braid group B_n on the category of perverse sheaves on the two-dimensional disk with singularities at n marked points, we obtain a differential graded (DG) category that extends knot contact homology in the sense of L. Ng. As an application, we show that the category of finite-dimensional modules over the 0-th homology of this DG category is equivalent to the category of perverse sheaves on R^3 with singularities at most along the link. [This is joint work with Yu. Berest and A. Eshmatov.]

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Enquiry: Ms. Caris CHUNG (email address: caris@ims.cuhk.edu.hk)

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