MIST 2017 Seminar Series
(November 1, 2017)

Venue:Rm502a, 5/F, Academic Building No. 1, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Date:November 1st (Wednesday)

Time:2:00P.M. - 3:00P.M.

Tea reception:3:00P.M. - 3:30P.M.

Speaker:Akishi IKEDA (IPMU, Japan)

Title:Homological representation of a framed braid group


A framed braid group is a semi-direct product of a braid group and a free abelian group, and graphically it describes braids and twists of ribbons. In this talk, we construct homological representations of the framed braid group. Theses representations contain a generalization of the Lawrence-Krammer-Bigelow representation of the braid group. The construction is motivated by the study of the monodromy representation of the confluent KZ equation.

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