John Morgan
- Professor and Chairman of the Department of Mathematics, Columbia University, USA
- Member of the European Academy of Sciences

I love mathematics and being a mathematician. I can not imagine a life better suited to me. Mathematical objects are so incredible beautiful and interesting that devoting a lifetime to their study is immensely rewarding. Life would be so dull without these objects to think about.

Having new insights about mathematical objects is also extraordinarily satisfying. The feeling that you have made progress in a discipline that in hundreds if not thousands of years old gives one a sense of connection with the past and also with the future. There is a beautiful intellectual tapestry being constructed over the ages and I am participating in that. I also enjoy tremendously sharing mathematical insights with others, both colleagues and students. Learning from them what they have understood and telling them what insights I have had makes me feel part of a vibrant and highly social community.

Wherever I go in the world, I feel that I have mathematical friends and that we share a deep bond -- the love of our subject. I belong entirely to this mathematical world and it is where I feel most at home.

Curriculum Vitae