Direction to the Yali Guesthouse, CUHK

Map of Yali Guesthouse, CUHK

Link of Yali Guesthouse, CUHK

You may reach Yali Guesthouse, The Chinese University of Hong Kong from the Hong Kong International Airport in three ways: by Taxi, by MTR Train. If it is your first time to Hong Kong, we recommend you take the taxi.

  1. By Taxi  

    The best way is by Taxi (approx. cost: about HK$300 (US$39) from the Airport) if you are in Hong Kong for the first time. The following may help just in case.

    'The Yali Guest House at CUHK' in Chinese
    "The Yali Guest House at CUHK" in Chinese.

  2. By MTR Train  
    Take the MTR Train and alight at the University Station. The Guest House is about 15 minutes by foot uphill.


    Free in-campus transportation is available on guests request from 8:00 to 22:45 daily. (Only between Yali Guesthouse to MTR University Station) Please click here for the shuttle bus timetable.
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