Stanley Osher
- Professor, University of California at Los Angeles, USA

An interview with Stanly Osher in the magazine of the National University of Singapore, last year:

I: How does your work affect your view of life?
O: The basic idea is to try to make order out of this life that we live. Every day you encounter things and it's a messy world. The goal is to take this mess that we see and somehow mathematize it and make a prediction.... Many people...are using medical imaging to understand how the topology and shape of the brain affects its function.They use the mathematics that I am involved in. The greatest mystery of all is human behavior and maybe it can be explained by level sets.

I: Would you say that your present interest and activity is, in some way, directed by your own personal philosophy towards finding order?
O: Yeah, absolutely. I came from being a poor boy in Brooklyn. Iwanted some order in my life, to become middle class and have a life that I enjoy. Then I stumbled on this thing, and wow, that's very good for creating order.

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