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Volume 4, 2004

Volume 4, Number 1

Special Issue Dedicated to the 70th Birthday of Sanjoy Mitter: Part II

1. Natural Resolution of Ill-Posedness of Inverse Kinematics for Redundant Robots under Constraints (pp.001--->028)
S. Arimoto, J.-H. Bae, H. Hashiguchi, and R. Ozawa

2. The New Family of Cracked Sets and the Image Segmentation Problem Revisited (pp.029--->052)
Michel C. Delfour and Jean-Paul Zolesio

3. Chaotic Quantized Feedback Stabilizers: the Scalar Case (pp.053--->072)
Fabio Fagnani

4. Model Calculations for Joint Pattern Recognition and Signal Reconstruction in Cryo Electron Microscopy (pp.073--->088)
Zhye Yin, Peter C. Doerschuk, and Saul B. Gelfand

5. A Regularized Solution to the Birkhoff Interpolation Problem (pp.089--->102)
Y. Zhou and C. F. Martin

6. Fixed Points and Stability of Density Evolution (pp.103--->116)
Tom Richardson and Rudiger Urbanke

Volume 4, Number 2

1. Optimal Global Conformal Surface Parameterization for Visualization (pp.117-->134)
Miao Jin, Yalin Wang, Xianfeng Gu and Shing-Tung Yau

2. Throughput of Q-ary Splitting Algorithms for Contention Resolution in Communication Networks (pp.135--->164)
B. Van Houdt and C. Blondia

3. Surface Segmentation Using Global Conformal Structure (pp.165--->180)
Yalin Wang, Xianfung Gu and Shing-Tung Yau

4. On Intractability of Spatial Relationships in Content-Based Image Database Systems (pp.181--->190)
Qing-Long Zhang and Stephen S.-T. Yau

Volume 4, Number 3

1. Decentralized Control of Large-Scale Uncertain nonlinear Systems by Linear Output Feedback (pp.191-->210)
Michael T. Frye, Chunjiang Qian and Richard Colgren

2. On Completeness of Reasoning about Planar Spatial Relationships in Pictorial Retrieval Systems (pp.211--->234)
Stephen S.-T. Yau and Qing-Long Zhang

3. Optimization Based Flow Control with Improved Performance (pp.235--->252)
Hao Zhang, Zhong-Ping Jiang, Yi Fan and S. Panwar

4. Control Theoretic Smoothing Splines are Approximate Linear Filters (pp.253--->272)
Y. Zhou, W. Dayawansa and C. Martin

Volume 4, Number 4

Special Issue on the topic on Computational Informatics in Data Mining and Information Retrieval

Guest Editors: Wai Lam, Rui-song Ye, Haiying Wang, Jun Zhang

Wai Lam, Rui-song Ye, Haiying Wang and Jun Zhang

1. Estimating Timestamp from Incomplete News Corpus (pp.273-->288)
Hiroshi Uejima, Takao Miura and Isamu Shioya

2. Fast Query over Encrypted Character Data in Database (pp.289-->300)
Zheng-Fei Wang, Jing Dai, Wei Wang and Bai-Le Shi

3. A Data Warehousing and Data Mining Framework for Web Usage Management (pp.301-->324)
Edmond H. Wu, Michael K. Ng and Joshua Z. Huang

4. A New Data Mining Approach to Predicting Matrix Condition Numbers (pp.325--->340)
Shuting Xu and Jun Zhang

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