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Volume 2, 2002

Volume 2, Number 1

1. Bounds and Constructions for Metering Schemes (pp.1--->28)
Carlo Blundo, Annalisa De Bonis and Barbara Masucci

2. Structured Grammar-Based Codes for Universal Lossless data Compression (invited paper) (pp.29--->52)
John Kieffer and En-hui Yang

3. Data Reduction via Adaptive Sampling (pp.53--->68)
Xiao-Bai Li

4. Adaptive Control of Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems Combining Nonparametric and Parametric Estimators (pp.69--->90)
Bruno Portier

Volume 2, Number 2

1. Pseudo-Hamiltonian Realization and Its Application (invited paper) (pp.91--->120)
Daizhan Cheng, Tielong Shen and T. J. Tarn

2. Computing Conformal Structures of Surfaces (invited paper) (pp.121--->146)
Xianfeng Gu and Shing-Tung Yau

3. A New Class of Non-Shannon-Type Inequalities for Entropies (invited paper) (pp.147--->166)
Konstantin Makarychev, Yury Makarychev, Andrei Romashchenko and Nikolai Vereshchagin

4. L^p Metric Criteria for Directed Convergence (invited paper) (pp.167--->182)
J. Strasser McIntosh and Bruce M. Bennett

5. On the Transport Capacity of a Broadcast Gaussian Channel (pp.183--->216)
Alex Reznik and Sergio Verdu

Volume 2, Number 3

Special Issue Dedicated to the 60th Birthday of John B. Moore: Part I

Guest Editors: Peter Tam, Kok Lay Teo

Peter Tam and Kok Lay Teo

1. Properties of the Graph Topology for Scalar Transfer Function (pp.217--->244)
Thomas S. Brinsmead and Brian D. O. Anderson

2. An Approach to H_inf Controller Synthesis of Piecewise Linear Systems (pp.245--->254)
Gang Feng, G. P. Lu, and S. S. Zhou

3. On Robust H_inf Control for Nonlinear Uncertain Systems (pp.255--->264)
Guoping Lu and Daniel W. C. Ho

4. Indefinite Stochastic LQ Controls with Markovian Jumps in a Finite Time Horizon (pp.265--->282)
Xun Li and Xun Yu Zhou

5. Newton's Algorithm in Euclidean Jordan Algebras, with Applications to Robotics (pp.283--->298)
Uwe Helmke, Sandra Riardo, and Shintaro Yoshizawa

6. Motion Control of a Tensegrity Platform (pp.299--->324)
Narongsak Kanchanasaratool and Darrell Williamson

Volume 2, Number 4

Special Issue Dedicated to the 60th Birthday of John B. Moore: Part II

Guest Editors: Peter Tam, Kok Lay Teo

1. A Fixed-Lag Smoothing Solution to Out-of-Sequence Information Fusion Problems (pp.325--->348)
Subhash Challa, Robin J. Evans, Xuezhi Wang, and Jonathan Legg

2. Bias Issues in Closed Loop Identification with Application to Adaptive Control (pp.349--->370)
Graham C. Goodwin and James S. Welsh

3. Fundamental Performance Limitations in Estimation Problems (pp.371--->384)
Li Qiu, Zhiyuan Ren and Jie Chen

4. Generalised Minimum Variance Control of Queues in Packet Switching Networks (pp.385--->398)
Harsha Sirisena and Mahbub Hassan

5. A Unified Quadratic Semi-infinite Programming Approach to Time and Frequency Domain Constrained Digital Filter Design (pp.399--->410)
Y. Liu, C. H. Tseng and K. L. Teo

6. Optimal Price Decremental Strategy for Dutch Auctions (pp.411--->434)
Wing Ho Yuen, Chi Wan Sung, and Wing Shing Wong

7. Autonomous Response of a Third-order Digital Filter with Two's Complement Arithmetic Realized in Parallel Form (pp.435--->454)
Bingo Wing-Kuen Ling, Albert Yick-Po Chan, Thomas Pak-Lin Wong and Peter Kwong-Shun Tam

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