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Volume 1, 2001

Volume 1, Number 1

1. Reduction of Complexity in Learning Dexterous Multi-fingered Motions: A Theoretical Exploration into a Future Problem C. E. Shannon Raised (invited paper) pp.1--->14. 
Suguru Arimoto

2. Markov Control Problems Under Communication Contraints (invited paper) pp.15--->32. 
V.S. Borkar, Sanjoy Mitter and Sekhar Tatikonda

3. Internets in the Sky: The Capacity of Three Dimensional Wireless Networks (invited paper) pp.33--->50. 
Piyush Gupta and P. R. Kumar

4. Optimal Motion Estimation from Multiple Images by Normalized Epipolar Constraint (invited paper) pp.51--->74. 
Y. Ma, R. Vidal, S. Hsu and S Sastry

5. Decorrelation over Infinite Domains: the Encrypted CBC-MAC Case (invited paper) pp.75--->86. 
Serge Vaudenay

6. A Class of Non-Shannon-Type Information Inequalities and Their Applications (invited paper) pp.87--->100. 
Raymond W. Yeung and Zhen Zhang

7. Optimal Approximation of Functions (invited paper) pp.101--->112. 
Yishao Zhou, Magnus Egerstedt and Clyde Martin

Volume 1, Number 2

1. Code and Parse Trees for Lossless Source Encoding (pp.113--->146) 
Julia Abrahams

2. Computing MDP Cost Function for High Speed Networks with Sample-Path and Quantization (pp.147--->162) 
Xi-ren Cao, Junjie Wang and Chin-tau Lea

3. An Optimization on a Manifold Approach for Solving an Antenna Array Problem (pp.163--->180) 
John B. Moore, Jeremy S. Thorne and Tat M. Lok

4. A Polynomial-Time Universal Security Amplifier in the Class of Block Ciphers (pp.181--->204) 
John O. Pliam

5. Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Adaptive Stabilizability of Jump Linear Systems (invited paper) (pp.205--->224) 
F. Xue and L. Guo

6. The Consistency Problem on Content-based Pictorial Description in Pictorial Database Systems (pp.225--->240) 
Qing-long Zhang, Shi-kuo Chang and Stephen S.-T. Yau

Volume 1, Number 3

1. A Combinatorial Approach to Information Inequalities (pp.241--->254)
Terence H. Chan

2. On Lyapunov Mapping and its Applications (pp.255--->272)
Daizhan Cheng

3. Asymptotic Eigenvalue Moments for Linear Multisuer Detection (invited paper) (pp.273--->304) 
Linbo Li, Antonia M. Tulino and Sergio Verdu

4. On the Redundancy of Universal Lossless Coding for General Piecewise Stationary Sources (pp.205--->332)
Gil I. Shamir and Daniel J. Costello, Jr.

Volume 1, Number 4

1. Homotopy for the v-Gap (invited paper) (pp.333--->380)
Thomas S. Brinsmead and Brian D. O. Anderson

2. Robust Output Regulation of Singular Nonliear Systems (invited paper) (pp.381--->394)
Zhiyong Chen and Jie Huang

3. Power Control under Finite Power Constraints (pp.395--->406) 
Leonid Faybusovich

4. Cause-effect Relations Based Dynamic Modeling and its Application to Control (invited paper) (pp.407--->432)
Gancho Vachkov and Toshio Fukuda

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